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Welcome to Galudih Resort.

Not very far from kolkatta a beautiful place called Galudih lies quietly hidden in the lap of nature. It is in a going of the cliff between lower land and highland at the river’s edge, walled round with rocks as an inland island. Their wild flower burst open to life in all the hues among thorny bowers of the dark virgin forest. The rain-disheveled birds break into glorious songs. Here is a land, which has escaped the onslaught of modern mechanistic lifestyle. 
The main river that flows in this region is the Subarnarekha.The local myth is that gold dust is found among the sand of this Rocky River. Both Rabindra Nath Tagore and Bibhuti bhusan Bandyopadhyay in their various literary works have immortalized this river in all its glory. Another river is the Satgurum, which has to be crossed seven times.

The forests are famous for the varieties of wild life found here. Apart from the occasional assembly of deers, herds of elephants come down from the mountains to drink from the village pools.  Rolling brown hills surrounds Galudih. Apart from hill, there are smaller hillocks, which are available for trekking to the tourist; these are Nekra Dungri, Phuldungri and the rukmini Hills. The Dharagri ranges are a long row of hills, which rise to a commendable height and are out into deep gorges by swift flowing mountain streams which gush down as several rapids and cataracts. It is said that Bibhuti bhusan Bandyopadhyay,the famous exponent of the Bengali Novel found his inspiration while residing at Ghatsila and spent his time among twittering birds and contemplating in solitary shaes beside small water falls that flowed soft tinkling notes. Read more